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Your home is your palace, and ensuring that all your electrical areas are sound, can bring great peace of mind. Whether you are about to move in or have been living in your home for years, it is always a good idea to have certain electrical areas checked out. We like to call it the Electrical Health Check!

Services Offered

Many are not aware of the wide variety of services a qualified electrical company can offer. Air2Electrical’s knowledge and expertise extends further than changing a light bulb or re-wiring an old system.

Whether it be your LED Downlight that needs installing or adjusting, we can assist. Further services we are offer are installing ceiling fan units, checking that your data points are sound, working on the shed wiring and shed lighting, and smoke alarm installations and maintenance.

Further, your TV outlet can often cause issues, and who wants to be without the game on a weekend, right? Other TV related services we offer are setting up your antenna, so you have a good connection and picture, as well as any cable wiring that needs looking at.

Your garden lights can make a real difference to the ambience of your home, so be sure to have them installed correctly by one of our professional team members. When it comes to your garage, whether you just need to have lighting to go find that box of goodies, or you use your garage as a workshop, good lighting is essential.

The Electrical Health Check

Even if your house is newly built, it is vital to have a qualified electrical do a once over. This way you can be assured all areas are safe and ready for living in. When it comes to older houses, we recommend a once a year “health” check. From outdated switchboard components to old wiring, you could be at risk, not to mention increasing your power bill unnecessarily.

More reasons to let us perform an Electrical Health Check for you:
– Cost savings down the line when avoiding bad installation jobs
– Peace of mind that your installations were performed soundly
– Prevents the disruption of productivity in your office space
– Minimises the need for long periods of downtime for scheduled maintenance checks

Smoke Detectors

If you weren’t aware, Queensland has changed their smoke alarm laws recently. It is imperative that your smoke detectors are in sound working order at all times. And, if you don’t have any smoke detectors in place, now is the perfect time to have these installed.

We offer the service of installing smoke alarms, as well as servicing existing systems.