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Property and Strata Management has its issues, electrical matters on the top of that list. Here, at Air2Electrical, we take pride in knowing just what property managers need. From your basic maintenance to emergency call-outs, we can put together a package that will suit you and your owners. In addition, our air conditioning services are out of this world, from new installations to servicing existing units.

Full Package

When it comes to strata management, one has to consider the law at all times. A small mistake could lead to a huge problem down the line, so having a professional electrical team perform checks on a regular basis is key.

Our services are wide and cover general electrical services, 24/7 emergency call-outs, air conditioning maintenance and servicing, as well as smoke alarm compliance checks.

With regards to smoke alarms, were you aware that since 1 January 2017 smoke alarms must be equipped with photoelectric connections? If your existing alarm system is over 10 years old, you must replace them with the newer variety, and if an alarm fails, it must be tested. Just a small moment in time can be the difference between a building burning down or a tenant walking away happy and safe.

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Air Conditioning

A regular service retainer package is essential, unless you want to be expending great monthly costs for adhoc checks and maintenance. When an air conditioning unit goes down, especially during our hot summer months in Brisbane, as a property manager, you can receive much grief over this. Having these units checked on a regular basis will save you time and money, and of course stress.

Make a connection with us to set up an assessment to put together a maintenance package for all your property portfolios.