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How would we survive without air conditioning? Not very comfortably, right?

That’s why here, at Air2Electrical, we strive to ensure our clients air con needs are met timorously. We look at new homes, as well as existing homes, analysing the layout to ensure the installation goes smoothly and fits the space. It is important that many aspects are taken into account, when deciding to install an air con, such as energy saving options, long term savings with reduced power bills, and ongoing maintenance.

Our team are ready to ensure the air con is suitable for your home or office situation.

Split Systems

A Split System Air Conditioning system has two parts to it, namely:
An outdoor compressor unit
An indoor air handling unit

How does a Split System work?

Simply, the indoor unit removes the hot air from the inside of the room and pushes it to the outside unit. This means that the remaining air in the room can cool down.

Where would a Split System work best?

Homes, as well as smaller office spaces, are perfect for this system. They are not loud and work effectively. Larger buildings, with many separate rooms, may not receive the efficiency of the system, due to the distance between each unit and the extensive ducting work required.

What are the benefits of Split System Air Conditioning?

  • They are quiet
    They have easy to regulate controls to get that perfect temperature going
    They are energy efficient
    The reverse system technology is superb, meaning you can stay cool in summer and warm in winter

Our Air Con installation Brisbane based, are ready for your call, to set you up comfortably.

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Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning works very differently to the Split System, in that there are many pipes or ducts situated in the roof area. The two-piece system, similar to Split System in this way only, has a unit which sits in the roof and handles the air, whilst the other unit sits outside and acts as a condenser or compressor.

Where would a Ducted Air Conditioning System work best?

Larger homes, where a few rooms are used at the same time; and office buildings, as the temperature can be regulated evenly throughout.

What are the benefits of a Ducted Air Conditioning System?

They are aesthetically appealing and won’t take away from the surrounding décor
Energy efficient and cost effective
You can set a timer, so that you don’t waste power
You can warm up or cool down different rooms at the same time
There are Wi-Fi applications which can be used to control the units digitally

Air Conditioning Maintenance

It is all fair and well having an air conditioner, but when it stops working, you will soon realise how much you rely on it. Our expert team are equipped to service and maintain your existing air conditioning units.

With our fair rates, you will be feeling the comfort of your air con in no time.